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ADC Global Blockchain Summit

We bring top people together to embolden them to thrive on change. It’s our core mission.

We find ways to encourage leaders across the generations to step out of their comfort zones to Think the Unthinkable.

Our Founder and Director Nik Gowing did just that at the ADC Global Blockchain Summit in Adelaide, Australia. 

Leading world voices convened in Adelaide, Australia, to explore the huge uncertainties and unknowns around Blockchain and Crypto currencies.

After 30 hours of dicussions, Nik took the initiative to ‘find the principles together’ and ensure a clear outcome to take away.

Without you, this type of solution is not possible

Stephen Roux
ADC Global Blockchain Summit Organiser

In the final hour he inspired participants to brainstorm. The white boards captured the energy of the engagement towards the six I’s.

An amazing amount was achieved in just 50 minutes.