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Nature's Newsroom at COP26

Nik was a main moderator for Nature’s Newsroom at COP26 in Glasgow. The ambitious operation was convened by the Global Commons Alliance.

It successfully merged the efforts of a large network of sustainability NGOs, businesses and governments who work to transform positively the world’s economic systems and protect the global commons.

Over 10 days Nature’s Newsroom provided many hours of interviews with top corporate and government figures, plus leading voices from NGOs, civil society and indigenous communities. They were all distributed globally via the European Broadcasting Union.

Outside the TV studio Nature’s Newsroom also provided a hub for vibrant debates on pressing climate and sustainability issues throughout the 12 day summit.

Tim Kelly, Executive Director of Earth for the Global Commons Alliance expressed the Global Commons Alliance’s appreciation for Nik’s work: “Nik did such a superb job hosting two days of interviews for broadcasting and virtual participation at our Nature’s Newsroom in Glasgow, COP26 that we invited him back for a further two days as host.”

“We were ‘thrilled’ to have our invitation accepted by Nik as we gratefully appreciated his contributions and commitment.”