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Summit of Minds 2020

The Summit of Minds is a top-level gathering that brings together entrepreneurs, investors and political figures to be inspired by thinking, talking and walking together in the mountains.

This year’s event was a hybrid of virtual and in person in Chamonix, France. Nik co-chaired the opening session from his study in London.

The SOM engages and emboldens leaders to Think the Unthinkable.

Thierry Malleret, Managing Partner of the Monthly Barometer and convener of summit said: “I cannot tell you how grateful I am. Thank you so much. It was a super brainstorming.

“Thank you for pushing us to ensure it was a success. The feedback was very good.”

One leading attendee added: “Your opening session was fabulous and a success. Really, really professional. It exceeded expectations.”

Nik explains why Thinking the Unthinkable is partnered with Summit of Minds: “Summit of Minds is a compelling concept. The informal gatherings of top people in inspiring locations are always outstanding.

“They combine high-level, cutting edge content with contributors drawn from the highest echelons of politics, business and academia. Hence the ‘summit of minds’.

“They are always a unique combination of hard-thinking and mutual trust. This is further powered in unique ways by experiential activities for all participants in the most stimulating of surroundings.

“The summit is always shaped by the importance of wellbeing for leaders.”