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World Cement Association conference 2022

Nik chaired the World Cement Association annual conference in Dubai in September 2022.

The theme was ‘Navigating the Climate Challenge: Reducing Carbon and Reducing Costs’. Speakers covered many of the pressing issues faced by the cement industry including: the industry response to climate change; impact of high energy costs; energy efficiency; alternative fuels; new technologies; financing and managing human capital.

Nik received high praise from CEO Ian Riley: “Nik was instrumental in helping us achieve a highly successful conference, not only by his mastery in engaging the delegates but also his input into the preparation. He helped us configure the conference hall to promote interaction and to think through the flow of each session. He challenged us to define objectives more clearly.

“Once at the event, Nik perfectly illustrated the impact that a skilled conference chair can have, turning all the delegates into participants not just spectators. Many veteran delegates commented that they had never been to a conference with such open and lively discussion of key topics facing the industry.”