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How can Thinking the Unthinkable help?

There are no neat solutions. But there is plenty you can do.

We facilitate thought leadership events to help guide more deep thinking about intergenerational leadership in this disrupted world.

By harnessing our growing network of partners, we use TtU findings to help identify and address challenges of individuals or organisations.

Image showing Thinking the Unthinkable presentation
Thought Leadership Presentations

An overview of TtU findings: setting the scene of the leadership crisis plus insight into coping strategies and solution frameworks. Designed to be delivered in limited time as a wake up call to attendees.

Image showing Thinking the Unthinkable conference
Conference Facilitation

Providing Thinking the Unthinkable thinking for opening and concluding conference sessions as well as participant engagement and learning. Thought provoking and stimulating.

Led by Nik Gowing/Chris Langdon.

Image showing Thinking the Unthinkable brainstorm

A TtU-guided session for small groups or executive teams: designed to provoke new thinking and solution suggestions from those within the organisation.

Led by Nik Gowing/Chris Langdon.

Image showing Thinking the Unthinkable masterclass

Senior executive coaching: a more detailed look at risk and change in a positive light through TtU findings and extensive case studies. Designed to enable attendees to diagnose challenges and develop strategies for dealing with disruption.