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‘Wacky mavericks’ young leaders of the future

by Carley Bowman

Filed under Climate Emergency / Next Gen

Shaking people awake and energising them to Think the Unthinkable is our core mission so it was a privilege to be invited to speak at @2050ClimateGrp Youth Climate Summit in Glasgow.

This inspiring group of future young leaders really engaged with our co-founder Nik Gowing’s message about conformity…

…And the need for a fundamental rethink at the top of organisations so leaders can understand and manage the disruptive pace of change in our digital world.

And we think we may have found some of our ‘Maverick’ and ‘Bonkers’ thinkers of the future who see hope and opportunity despite the very stark ‘red alert’ warnings Nik delivered about the state of the world today.

@KezaraGLA hit the nail on the head with this message to current leaders:

Being able to inspire our Millennial generation to have confidence in themselves and to speak truth to power is one of our key goals.

So it’s fantastic to see delegates thinking about and questioning the world around them.

@CharlieatPBD saw the connection to climate issues - the subject of the summit:

While @ColinFReilly felt resonance with the #metoo movement.

Nik Gowing selfie at Youth Climate Summit in Glasgow
Nik Thinking the Unthinkable with young leaders of the future
Despite a hectic speaking schedule, Nik was delighted to be able to continue the conversations sparked by his presentation in a series of workshops.

This group of aspiring - and inspiring - young leaders really absorbed the TtU message and the overwhelming message from them was that they are ready for change.

@StephyCraig may be exaggerating a little in her tweet here!

But Nik was exhilarated by the feedback from the whole room and can’t wait to follow up with them in the future.

We attend many of these events to spread the TtU message and as @ElidahTodd tweeted, it’s about making friends and changing the world - one day at a time.

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