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Inspired thinking at the ADC Blockchain Summit

by Carley Bowman

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We bring top people together to embolden them to thrive on change. It’s our core mission. We find ways to encourage leaders across the generations to step out of their comfort zones to Think the Unthinkable.

Our Founder and Director Nik Gowing did just that at the ADC Global Blockchain Summit in Adelaide, Australia. 

Here’s a two minute flavour of what was achieved in a very short time.

We help generate a safe space for leaders to share their deepest concerns and vulnerabilities. During times of disruption we help them along the journey of awareness and inspired new thinking.

Whether an intimate breakfast, lunch or dinner briefing; or a seminar on the side of a mountain; or a town hall brainstorming in a conference hall event, TtU confronts the challenges for leaders from the rapid pace of global disruption.

We identify its impact. We promote a new culture, self confidence and approach. This puts leaders in a new mindset. Then they and their organisations can thrive on change.

Here are some examples of other work we’ve done:

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To find out how TtU can give new confidence to leaders in your organisation contact us here.

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