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How can leaders engage staff from all generations?

Lower level staff often know best. Leaders admit to us that their companies are too top-down in their command and control systems.

They recognise they would do better to empower and engage their younger and lower level staff. The Next Generation often have a better understanding of the day-to-day running of the business than the C-Suite executives. They often recognise the challenges of a disruptive digital world and are ready to think the unthinkable.

Taking inspiration from seeing what other people are doing is exactly what we envisage in our vision of creating a global community that thrives on change.

There are no neat solutions. We share our findings with you and invite you to share your experiences in dealing with the challenges of disruption in a digital world.

Here we bring together a selection of case studies from our research, blogs, videos and other content exploring the theme of staff engagement.

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