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TtU book launches new phase in mission to help people manage disruption

by Carley Bowman

Thinking the Unthinkable was published just 10 days after finishing the 100,000-word manuscript. It disrupted publishing in the same way the world is being disrupted by the rapid pace of change.

Along with the book, TtU has developed a new digital platform where we will share our ongoing research and build a community for all those worried about leadership.

In a break from the norm, the book’s footnotes are hosted in digital form here so you can easily access the original source material.

The book reveals how leaders are ‘scared’ and ‘overwhelmed’ by the struggle to understand and embrace the new disruptions they face.

It’s based on hundreds of interviews and conversations with top global leaders in corporates and governments as well as the next generation of aspiring leaders.

They have expressed privately their urgent need to hear about solutions. The book offers 10 compelling case studies from around the world and outlines what TtU calls ‘Progressions’ – steps that organisations and individuals can take to tackle disruption.

An official launch at the Hay Literary Festival and a pre-launch event at Chatham House, in London, marked the beginning of the next phase of the TtU project to create a new leadership community that thrives of change.

Co-authors Nik Gowing and Chris Langdon were thrilled by the reception the book received at both events.

And they’ve already seen the impact it has made as more leaders begin to talk more openly about their challenges. They describe a ‘palpable’ sense of a ‘weight being lifted from the shoulders of leaders’.

Here’s what some of those at the Chatham House launch said about the book.

Publisher Alex Sharratt, from John Catt Educational, was also at Chatham House to see how the book was received.

He has always believed the publishing process is too slow. Partnering with TtU on this project was the perfect fit for him.

While there are no more books in the pipeline – yet - TtU is continuing its cutting-edge research. We are developing our digital platform to share our findings, connect concerned leaders and aspiring leaders to support them in thriving on change.

Thinking the Unthinkable is available to buy in the UK here.

If you’re outside the UK you can buy it directly from John Catt Educational here.

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