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How DBS won Best Bank in the World title

by Carley Bowman

DBS bank of Singapore has been named the Best Bank in the World in the Global Finance Bank of Year awards 2018. It’s a first for an Asian bank.

DBS - South East Asia’s biggest bank - has been on a journey of transformation since 2009 under CEO Piyush Gupta.

He said: “I spent seven years working to turn my company into a world-class multinational. Now I try to convert it into a startup! It can be done. But you have to make a lot of effort in experimentation. Incubation, ideation, hand-holding – trying a bunch of different things.”

So how did they bring it off? Chief Transformation Officer Paul Cobban told us how they managed it and what they have learned.

Read the chapter from our book, Thinking The Unthinkable by clicking on the PDF link below.

The transformation of DBS bank, Singapore Pdf

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Lt Gen Sudhir Sharma commented on 17 Oct 2018

Well done Piyush. Proud of your singular achievement.
Look forward to meeting you sometime soon.

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