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The icy truth behind climate change pact

by Carley Bowman

The agreement in December at COP 24 in Katowice, Poland, on how to implement the Paris climate pact from 2020 has already been criticised for being too cautious.

TtU was there to hear visionary climate change analyst Rachel Kyte describe herself as ‘more angry than I have ever been’ that three years after the Paris deal we are, she said, ‘nowhere near where we need to be’.

Is it enough? We don’t think so.

This summer we were taken by guides to see the Mere Glace glacier at Mont Blanc. The guides we spoke to in August described how the glacier is receding at an accelerating rate. Some are even considering giving up their jobs which are becoming ever more risky given the changes.

Here’s what Guide Francois Éric Cormier told us.

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