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What we do

We help embolden leaders so they can understand fully the new risks. Our goal is to stimulate them to identify unthinkable threats and capitalise on new opportunities.

Nik and Chris

Bespoke Engagement

Every engagement is different. We don’t do ‘templates’. We do tailored research. As outsiders we are catalysts and advisers as part of a deeper transformation process. The best change agents are from within: we work to inspire them.

Nik in moderation

Dynamic Moderation

We are well-known for our skilled facilitation at public and confidential events including conferences, workshops and awaydays. Every participant is stimulated to move safely beyond their comfort zones. We prepare intensively to ensure that key issues are raised, however difficult.

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Leadership breakfast

Briefing and Brainstorming

We challenge conformist thinking. Our briefings and brainstormings ensure that leaders grasp the scale of radical uncertainty. We draw on customised research and our unique database of confidential interviews with current and Next Gen leaders.

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Redefine Horizon Scanning

We offer horizon scans on future challenges, both sector-specific and global. The future of work and impact of technology on the business model are central to this. We reveal compelling stories of leaders who have learned to thrive on change.

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Summit of Minds session in the mountains

Culture Transformation

We help surface the challenges. We speak to staff at all levels to understand the organisation and its culture. We draw on our trusted network of skilled partners to help leaders and teams change culture, mindset and behaviour for the longer term.

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Chris in conversation

Uncovering the Unthinkable

We highlight the causes of dramatic shifts in public opinion and expectations. We highlight how it will impact your organisation. We call it ‘pushbackism,’ not just ‘populism.’ We help leaders better appreciate what the public does not like or understand.

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Confidential Engagements

Much of what we do is private and behind closed doors. Please contact us directly if you would like to speak in confidence.