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About us

We help leaders – current and future – to thrive on change.

We assist you to understand the threats and opportunities in the new era of radical uncertainty and climate disruption.

We focus on the human capacity of leaders. We help you to transform your leadership. We know that change is very difficult to achieve. We see ourselves as advisers - rather than external consultants’ parachuted in.’

We work with you to identify the challenges your organisation faces.

We help you transform your organisation - to embed a new culture, behaviour and mindset.

We act as a catalyst; we believe the best consultants come from within, especially the Next Generation.

We help you to surface the underlying issues – the unthinkables and unpalatables - that are often uncomfortable to discuss.

We assist you to unravel the connected risks that affect your organisation including the climate emergency, the pandemic, and falling public trust.

We make ‘dangerous conversations’ safer to have. We help you foster a mindset that ensures those at every level can innovate, experiment and fail safely.

We encourage you to focus on your purpose. Living and acting on those values generates new value. This has the power to motivate and inspire.

We have trusted partners who work with you to deliver long-term change. Thinking the Unthinkable is often the start of a process.

We believe leaders in all sectors must radically change. We know that because they have told us.

We have unrivalled data. We have tracked the rising, inexorable pressures on leaders in hundreds of interviews and conversations since 2014.

We share stories of success and failure. We constantly update ourselves though a network of leaders, researchers, policymakers and thinkers globally.