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How we do it

Image of Nik Gowing and Chris Langdon - founders of Thinking the Unthinkable

Virtual communication

Change is never easy. The lesson from COVID-19 is how it forced leaders to transform their organisations at high speed via virtual connections. This can be done well online through structured but uninhibited two-way exchanges. We use our experience in facilitating for television and live events to co-produce and moderate dynamic, interactive virtual and hybrid experiences. We ensure every participant is engaged and energised. We create safe spaces for frank, open conversation. We make these feel as much like a face-to-face event as is possible. See appreciations of our recent work.

Image of a group of people on a mountain top

Bespoke advisory work

We advise organisations and individual leaders on how to make radical change a reality. At workshops and events - virtual and face-to-face - we share our findings and insights in ways that energise and inspire all participants.

Image showing Chris Langdon researching in an office

Cutting-edge research

To help leaders understand how they can thrive during radical uncertainty, we draw on an unrivalled database of interviews with current and Next Gen leaders. In addition to our ground-breaking book and articles, we also provide customised horizon scans & analysis. We continually update our research on unthinkables, so we remain ahead of the curve.

Image showing Nik Gowing running a debate

Live events

We share the insights from our unique research at major conferences and internal events globally. Our presentations always include compelling stories of inspiring leaders. They have helped participants to understand the scale of challenges they themselves face and how to address them by experimenting safely. We share key lessons on how their organisation can get ahead.