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How We Do it

Fostering diversity of thinking

We encourage diversity of thinking. In our facilitation we create safe spaces where the most difficult, unthinkable issues can be addressed from a host of different viewpoints. We empower teams to surface the underlying issues, rather than focusing on just the symptoms.

Understanding the power of purpose

We help leaders to articulate their organisational purpose then act upon it. Our research shows that businesses most likely to succeed are driven by a new understanding of purpose. This defines the culture, energises staff and brings them together.

Including the Next Generation

We always highlight the vital role of the Next Generation. Often their capacity for a new type of leadership is overlooked. We show how organisations that embrace their Next Gen leaders are the ones most able to thrive.

Independent and non-partisan

We are self-funded. We are a social enterprise. We take orders from nobody. We talk and listen to everybody. The diversity and breadth of our network is unparalleled. Our goal is always to understand how leadership needs to change.

Understanding the dynamic public information space

We dig deep into the reasons for pushback against traditional leadership. We draw on our expertise in public policy-making and understand the power of public opinion.

Working with partners

We are often at the start of the change process. We connect clients into our network of change facilitators and specialists in key areas such as risk, regulation, cyber, neuroscience, and many others.