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Leading Voices

Top leaders talk to Thinking the Unthinkable to encourage new thinking.

The secrets of climate crisis communication with Professor Liz Bentley

The Chief Executive of the Royal Meteorological Society explains how she has to navigate often vicious comments and online trolling in order to get her positive message across to a range of audiences.

Professor Tim Lenton, Director of the Global Systems Institute at Exeter University

How we must all face up to the climate reality and be empowered by the opportunities in triggering positive social tipping points to avert climate crisis.

Superheroes will survive this world in flux - Tom Fletcher

Be inspired to be positive by Tom Fletcher, a young and remarkable ex-diplomat. Take risks. Have mad ideas. Challenge yourselves: are you using technology or is it using you?

Talking about... why boards must think like activists with Helle Bank Jorgensen

Board members must realise the urgent need to innovate and change, or stakeholders and shareholders will change them. Helle Bank Jorgensen, Founder and CEO of Competent Boards, explains how her new work encourages and achieves behaviour change.

Talking about... connected risk with Lord Martin Rees

What leaders must learn about connected risk. From the pandemic to the climate emergency, social media and the misuse of technology, the threats are increasing year on year. Astronomer Royal Lord Martin Rees reveals how science is the one truly global culture.

Talking about... unlocking leadership with Halla Tomasdottir

“Prisoner of hope and stubborn optimist” Halla Tomasdottir talks unthinkables with TTU’s Nik Gowing. The CEO of The B Team reveals that leaders know they need a new playbook because the current one is “not fit for purpose”. So there must be a new definition of leadership. But can leaders achieve what is needed so urgently?

Talking about... Ukraine and climate with Aron Cramer

Talking unthinkables with Aron Cramer, President and CEO of BSR, Business for Social Responsibility. The implications for leaderships from Russia’s invasion in Ukraine, the deepening climate emergency, and how businesses have no option but to adapt at speed in order to survive in the new world, which is beset by multiple, deep crises.

Talking about... radical change with Ian Goldin

TTU’s Nik Gowing talks unthinkables with Ian Goldin, Professor of Globalisation and Development at Oxford University. They discuss why we all need to be rescued and why radical change is far less scary than business as usual.