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Recommended reading

Thinking The Unthinkable The book co-authored by TtU directors Nik Gowing and Chris Langdon
Forbes 5 Facts About Prejudice At Work: Tara Swart article on unconscious bias
The People Vs Tech Stark warnings about the health of democracy, confirming scale of the threat from unthinkables and current levels of denial
Breathe HR Culture Economy report on how poor company culture is costing the UK economy £23.6 billion per year
FT special report on risk CEOs increasingly face unexpected global challenges and must devise solutions to prepare for rapid and unexpected change.
Stay Tuned with Preet Podcast on the science of leadership with noted psychologist and best-selling author Adam Grant
The Intrepreneur Book by Gib Bulloch, self-described maverick, on his time at Accenture: How Intrapreneurs can create social business inside corporates
The Cleaners Documentary exploring the dark side of Facebook feeds
The Guardian podcast Why Silicon Valley billionaires are prepping for the apocalypse in New Zealand
Science Research journal on the spread of true and false news online
Building the Commons Report on experiment by peace tech NGO exploring interventions to address polarization on Facebook and Twitter in the USA
Apolitical Article on how the UAE solves policy problems with 100-day “crisis mode”
New York Times David Brooks opinion piece on the Strange Failure of the Educated Elite
Strategy+Business Nik Gowing & Chris Langdon piece on purpose and engaging the NextGen
Fortune Magazine Siemens CEO Joe Kaeser: This Is the 'Single Biggest Challenge' Facing Business Today
Dreams and Details A review of Dreams and Details by Nik Gowing


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