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Client examples

We help embolden leaders so they understand fully the new risks. Our goal is to stimulate them to identify unthinkable threats and capitalise on new opportunities. Much of what we do is confidential and behind closed doors.

Network Conference for Investor AB and the Wallenberg Foundations

Nik was again invited to be a lead moderator for the biennial Network Conference for Investor AB and the Wallenberg Foundations.

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Climate Innovation Forum 2022

Nik chaired the Climate Innovation Forum 2022 - the flagship one day event of London Climate Action Week.

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Nik Gowing presenting at a lectern

Cities Stockholm+50

The mayor of Stockholm invited Nik to moderate her four hour +50 conference on the future of cities.

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Climate Action for Associations

Nik moderated five back-to-back 20 minute sessions at Reset Connect during London Climate Action Week.

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Resilience Association logo

Resilience Association

The Resilience Association asked TTU's Nik Gowing to brief top risk executives on the unthinkables and vulnerabilities they face.

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Nik on stage at event

Lombard Odier: The Zero-Hour Sessions

Nik chaired Lombard Odier’s event on ‘Investing in Nature at Scale’ at COP26 in Glasgow 2021. It was attended by HRH The Prince of Wales.

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A cartoon about the climate emergency

Nature's Newsroom at COP26

Nik was a main moderator for Nature’s Newsroom at COP26 in Glasgow. The ambitious operation was convened by the Global Commons Alliance.

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Enel logo

Grid Futurability ® for a Net-Zero World

Nik helped design and deliver Italian energy company Enel's Grid Futurability ® for a Net-Zero World event in Milan. A hybrid session with a large virtual audience globally, it focused on the transformation of traditional distribution networks into Smart Grids.

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Screenshot of CAFA event

CAFA: Explaining COP26 to SMEs

Nik Gowing moderated this one hour explainer breakfast session to help SMEs transform their businesses to achieve NetZero emissions.

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Aurora Forum 2021

The Aurora Forum is a two day annual meeting on security and prosperity for the region which stretches from the UK across the High North to the Nordic & Baltic countries.

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Summit of Minds 2021

The Summit of Minds is a top-level gathering that brings together entrepreneurs, investors and political figures to be inspired by thinking, talking and walking together in the mountains.

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Sustainable Innovation Forum 2020

Nik chaired all five days for what had to be a hybrid of studio-based broadcasting and virtual participation. Leading high-level speakers included HRH The Prince of Wales, former UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon, California Governor Gavin Newsom and International Energy Agency Executive Director Fatih Birol.

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Swedish Chamber of Commerce

Nik Gowing moderated two virtual high-level webinars on ‘Emerging Stronger on the Other Side’ for the chamber and members across Europe. These are curtain raisers to prepare issues for the annual SCC business summit in December 2020.

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LSE Institute of Global Affairs (IGA)

Moderating a virtual session on the future of leadership at the launch of the IGA's Maryam Forum - From Rulership to Leadership.

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Bled Strategic Forum 2020

Nik Gowing moderated the opening leaders' panel on Europe after Brexit and COVID-19 in Slovenia on August 31st 2020.

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Aberdeen University Presentation

TtU was invited to present our findings to a group of executives and mid-career public servants at Aberdeen University

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UN Global Sustainable Development Forum, South Korea

Nik led the opening brainstorming. He also presented latest findings from Thinking the Unthinkable to 120 top government, corporate and NGO delegates.

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Nik engages with rap singer will-i-am on his big initiative for the young and less privileged to lesd on embracing Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Future Investment Initiative (FII)

Nik moderated the opening panel session on prospects for the next ten years at the Future Investment Initiative (FII), Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, 29 October 2019.

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Nik Gowing with white board at Australian Leadership Retreat

Australian Leadership Retreat

TtU was chosen as the firecracker presentation for a closed door gathering of top global leaders.

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Two NEXT GEN delegates standing with Nik Gowing next to white board: Copyright Silver Apples Photography 2019

Ditchley Festival of Ideas

Stimulating intense and radical discussions with leaders of tomorrow for the Ditchley Foundation.

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Nik Gowing on stage giving presentation

Ontario Hospital Association

Almost 200 CEOs and board chairs of medical facilities were emboldened to thrive on change during a behind closed doors session.

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Chris Langdon and Nik Gowing on stage at Skills Matter

Skills Matter

Nik and Chris addressed highly skilled and diverse technologists at Skills Matter, London, in a dynamic, interactive, brainstorming session.

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Nik Gowing at NATO Engages Conference

NATO Engages Conference

Nik had a lead convening role at NATO's 70th anniversary commemoration conference in Washington.

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ADC Global Blockchain Summit

Bringing top leaders together to step out of their comfort zones and face the challenges in their industry.

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Centre For Army Leadership conference stage

Centre for Army Leadership

Sharing TtU findings with 900 officers and leaders at the Royal Military Academy, Sandhurst.

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Peace To Prosperity Workshop

Creating a 'foundation for discussion' on new proposals for stimulating Middle East stability at Bahrain conference.

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Guests on stage at the Lennart Meri Conference in Estonia

Lennart Meri Conference, Estonia

Keynote speech to top policy makers in governments and corporates at conference chaired by Estonian President.

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Executives sitting around a table at a TtU briefing inside a crane

Axcel Company Day, Copenhagen

A bespoke presentation for top corporate leaders from major companies in the Nordic region.

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Nik at Climate Innovation Forum

Climate Innovation Forum, London

Partner and lead moderator for the Climate Innovation Forum during London Climate Action Week.

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Final slide of presentation

NATO Defence College

TtU findings incorporated into concluding presentation for top commanders after 30 hours of brainstorming.

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Split screen of Nik Gowing giving presentation on the left and presentation slide on the right

New unthinkables for education

Education is one of many sectors facing major challenges to grip the scale and speed of disruptive change. There are new implications for the teaching profession and what is taught at all levels.

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Outer Thinking summit, Swedish Chamber of Commerce

This in-person conference examined the unpredictable impact of the growing Outer Thinking trends we all face, from tech to the climate emergency, the future workforce and threats to global trade plus globalisation.

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Nik standing in front of the World Cement Association pop up banner

World Cement Association conference 2022

Nik chaired the World Cement Association annual conference in Dubai in September 2022. Its theme was 'Navigating the Climate Challenge: Reducing Carbon and Reducing Costs'.

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