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Network Conference for Investor AB and the Wallenberg Foundations

Nik was again invited to be a lead moderator for the biennial Network Conference for Investor AB and the Wallenberg Foundations.

175 CEOs, senior executives and board members attended the closed door meeting. It reviewed the latest challenges and disruptions facing them all, plus possible solutions.

The Wallenberg cousins thanked Nik: As always, it has been a great pleasure to work together with you ahead of our Network Conference. We truly appreciate that you provoke us and push boundaries. The success of a conference like this is always dependent on the team setting it up, all the thinking around potential speakers and the pre-meetings with the speakers. We are happy that we had you on the team this year as well.

Nik received top ratings of ‘Very Good and ‘Good’ from the majority of participants. Here is a selection of their comments:

“Great moderator, moves things along without taking too much space.”

“Excellent with high knowledge and very good preparation on all sessions.”

“Well prepared and professional.”

“I liked the way Nik was able to give a nuanced view to the topics and insights shared by the speakers.”