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Aurora Forum 2021

The Aurora Forum is a two day annual meeting on security and prosperity for the region which stretches from the UK across the High North to the Nordic & Baltic countries.

Nik opens aurora forum 1200x900pxl
Nik opens aurora forum 1200x900pxl

The forum brings together the highest levels of business, politics, academia, opinion formers, policy advisors, think tanks and culture. Discussions focus on cutting edge issues of geo-politics, the climate emergency, defence and security, trade and business, research and innovation, technology and digital transformation, energy and infrastructure, sustainability, corporate resilience and economic growth.

Nik moderated the opening brainstorming for the 2021 Aurora Forum at Goodwood House in Sussex.

Executive Director Stephanie Ashton said: “A big thank you for once again so brilliantly moderating the Opening Session of the Aurora Forum. You were as ever marvellous in the role and warmed the room up and set the tone for how everyone felt they could speak and join in.”