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Climate Innovation Forum 2022

Nik chaired the Climate Innovation Forum 2022 - the flagship one day event of London Climate Action Week.

Nik Climate Action 2022
Nik Climate Action 2022

The event was convened by Climate Action. It brought together senior public and private sector decision makers to accelerate the delivery of net zero commitments. The event – with an in-person audience of 700 and 3,000 on-demand global views – was described by organisers as a ‘critical touchpoint’ between COP26 and COP27.

Here’s what Iolanda dos Santos, Chief Events Officer for Climate Action, said about Nik.

Nik Gowing and the Thinking the Unthinkable team have been instrumental to my team and business/events/projects’ success. Through the vast experience that Nik and his team bring - coaching and mentoring from my experience - Thinking the Unthinkable is not just a name. It is an approach, a priceless one, to any organisation and leadership/executive teams’ success.

Nik’s role as chair ensures our events are high on impact. He drives tangible action in his approach, and not just in conversations or discussions. The preparation Nik encourages for each project behind the scenes is invaluable. Nik has guided our thinking to ensure we pursue the right approach to fulfilling our organisation’s mission successfully: that is raising climate action to achieve a sustainable, equitable, just and low carbon economy.

You can see how Nik hosted the opening session and many other sessions here.