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Expanded digital footnotes from Thinking the Unthinkable – the book.

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Eat an elephant

2 March 2018.

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Eat an elephant

ibid. He went on to crystallise them in a speech to the RUSI (op cit. General Sir Nick Carter, 22 January 2018.)

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Eat an elephant β€˜The Wavell Room is a blog site …to stimulate discussion and deviate from the norms of extant thinking and doctrine.’

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Eat an elephant

Dragon Troop from the Royal Artillery runs a Twitter account to encourage discussion on conceptual development, leadership and innovation.

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Eat an elephant

Lord Levene of Portsoken, a former Chief of Defence Procurement, was appointed in July 2010 by the Secretary of Defence to chair the Defence Reform Group, to make proposals for major changes in the Ministry of Defence. One reform was to extend duration of senior appointments.