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Peace To Prosperity Workshop

How to get the best and frankest thoughts from corporate leaders in a top level public gathering on complex issues?

The Bahrain government hosted the ‘Peace to Prosperity’ workshop in June 2019.

Over a period of 20 hours, the aim was to air new proposals for stimulating a new Middle East stability by way of a huge private investment programme. Is this an unthinkable prospect?

Thinking the Unthinkable Founder and Co-Director Nik Gowing accepted to be lead moderator in an independent capacity.

Jared Kushner, senior adviser to the US President, set out a $50bn economic plan. He told the conference it offered the Palestinians a ‘more prosperous future’ once they agreed a peace deal with Israel. The Palestinian Authority rejected the plan, and declined to attend the event. Israel was not represented officially either.

Nik’s role was to create a ‘foundation for discussion’ and facilitate conversations.