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Skills Matter

Technologists must change the way they develop products, then lead. They must allay growing public anxiety on what they do and why.

Nik and Chris addressed highly skilled and diverse technologists at Skills Matter, London, in a dynamic, interactive, brainstorming session as part of the Leadership Matters series.

They highlighted how booming technologies like robotics and AI are accelerating at such a speed that leadership is struggling to cope with new unthinkables which are now unpalatables. In the cabaret set-up they urged technologists to think far more radically and transform their organisational leadership.

How was the presentation and discussion received?

A rating of 3.5 out of 4.0. One attendee wrote: “It was great to hear you speak last night… I thought you raised lots of interesting points and I would love to continue the conversation around transformation in leading organisations”.

What did others appreciate? ”Full of Rich Content, Really enjoyable to listen”; “The presentation slides”; “Very insightful and confirms my sentiments”.

The presentation took place on 17th September 2019 and you can view it in full here

At Nik’s suggestion, the aim was stimulating, energetic debate and engagement. It was informal and dressed down - a departure from Ditchley’s usual norms.

The session exceeded all expectations and created a buzz of energy all day.

Nik persuaded 35 of the 150 young people people to give their views in just 55 minutes of brainstorming. He brought speakers in at a high rate of interventions, capturing the findings on a white board to create the springboard for intense, radical discussions throughout the festival.

Ditchley provided a unique opportunity for participants to engage with like-minded peers on fundamental questions about the kinds of lives that they want to lead.

The festival’s other aim is to introduce Ditchley to the likely leaders and thought leaders of tomorrow. They are curious about the world in which they live and open to new ideas and challenges to current patterns of thinking.

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