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Summit of Minds

An informal 3-day gathering of top leaders, entrepreneurs and investors inspired by walking, talking and thinking in the mountains.

The Summit of Minds is a new concept. The conventional formula of most conferences is thrown out of the window.

Summit of Minds delegates hiking in the mountains in Chamonix, France

The SOM engages and emboldens leaders to Think the Unthinkable and share experiences.

TtU Directors Nik Gowing and Chris Langdon led 46 hours of intense exchanges among the peaks around Mont Blanc above Chamonix in France.

In this informal, inspiring atmosphere leaders explored frankly their own challenges.

At a time of acute disruption the gathering shows how big new ideas emerge on how business and politics can thrive at a time of radical uncertainty and push back on multiple issues from the public.

The agenda is set within a loose framework. It invents itself as the weekend progresses. To stimulate face-to-face engagement the ‘Take Off’ and ‘Take Away’ sessions had a diamond shaped seating plan. It eliminated status and hierarchy so that every voice was heard.

Most important, the spontaneous conversations and inspired flashes of new insight gained while traveling on the Montenvers rack railway or walking beneath the spectacular Aiguille de Midi could have happened in no other way.

Here are two examples. Firstly leaders discussing issues in an al fresco atmosphere at 2,400m at the 2018 event.

The 25 minute railway trip at the Summit of Minds in 2017 inspired debate. Guests were encouraged to set the agenda for mountain discussions by hearing new ideas and writing them for Nik to moderate at the top.