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Sustainable Innovation Forum 2020

The annual Sustainable Innovation Forum (SIF) brings together corporate leaders and political figures plus leading voices on sustainability and the climate emergency.

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Nik chaired all five days for what had to be a hybrid of studio-based broadcasting and virtual participation. Leading high-level speakers included HRH The Prince of Wales, former UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon, California Governor Gavin Newsom and International Energy Agency Executive Director Fatih Birol.

For 11 years Climate Action’s SIF has been a platform for the United Nations, Heads of State, Government Ministers, Climate Experts and Chief Executives to share cutting edge views on the challenges for leadership, raise ambition and forge stronger relationships between the public and private sectors.

This year’s event had special significance. The aim was to mobilise new momentum to tackle the Climate Emergency ahead of COP26 in 2021.

You can read here Nik’s insight into the forum’s extraordinary impact.

Almost 10,000 people registered for the forum. Here is some of the praise received for Nik’s skills and impact chairing the Forum for the five days of sessions:

“A big big thanks to Nik Gowing, the host for this week. 40 years of Broadcast experience really does make a difference.” - Rhys Thomas, Programme Director and Head of Innovation Portfolio at Climate Action

“You are the best host of any high-level climate conversations I’ve seen. Seriously well done and thanks for the work you do!” - Grant Harrison, Account Executive, GreenBiz Group

“Thank you Nik for this week’s webinars. World Class, very informative, top level contributors.” - Richard Hagan, Managing Director, Panelfx

“Thank you, Nik, for a brilliant hosting and excellent programming of Sustainable Innovation Forum!” - Christina Raab, Global Executive Leader

“Awesome Sustainable Innovation Forum. Listened as much as possible during my day and really appreciate all your moderation, curation and leadership in this important area.” - Dr Ralf Belusa, CDO & Supervisory Board Member

“It has been a pleasure to hear you and the other speakers on very important topics. I congratulate and applaud you on your work.” - Kevin Korn, Global Sport Brand Builder & Strategist