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Swedish Chamber of Commerce

TtU has a partnership with the Swedish Chamber of Commerce (SCC). TtU’s Nik Gowing moderated two virtual high-level webinars on ‘Emerging Stronger on the Other Side’ for the chamber and members across Europe. These are curtain raisers to prepare issues for the annual SCC business summit in December 2020.

“We love working with you, and developing this series as the world moves forward and as the discussions evolve,” said Peter Sandberg, UK CEO of the SCC after the second one-hour event in September. “It was a really interesting conversation and an interesting mix. You are a true star, and we are very honored to have your support with this and the summit.”

Emerging Stronger On The Other Side focused on how leaders are handling the likely unending impact of the Covid-19 pandemic. How will they cope? What is the economic impact? What are the new ideas to help leaders not just survive but thrive too?

The panelists were Cecilia Malmström, until recently EU Trade Commissioner, now Visiting Professor at University of Gothenburg; Carl-Henric Svanberg, Chair of AB Volvo, Chair of European Round Table for Industry and former Chair of BP; Ylva Berg, CEO of Business Sweden; and James Sproule, UK Chief Economist at Handelsbanken.

After the event, Carl-Henric Svanberg wrote: “Well done Nik. You are a star.”

Peter Sandberg said of the SCC’s partnership with Thinking the Unthinkable: “Thank you so much for helping us deliver another exciting and super interesting ‘Emerging Stronger’ webinar conversation.”

Here is feedback from the first ‘Emerging On The Other Side’ webinar which Nik moderated in May.

“It is a pleasure to work with you, truly very inspiring and thought provoking.”

“SINCERE THANKS for doing such an excellent job at guiding all of us through the topic. We covered a lot of ground in 90 mins - and you kept us on our toes.”

“The more we can share and learn from each other at this time the better we will be able to handle it and come out of it even stronger - albeit very differently from where we were before it!”

“I truly enjoyed the event and our discussions and want to thank you for your professional guidance and steering, which were the main contributors to an open and honest dialogue.”

The panelists were: Helene Barnekow, CEO of Microsoft Sweden; Roger Alm, President of Volvo Trucks; Lord Grimstone, UK Minister for Investment, Department for International Trade and the Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy; Tom Johnstone, Chairman, Husqvarna; Mikael Sørensen, CEO Handelsbanken UK; Tove Lifvendahl, Political Editor-in-Chief, Svenska Dagbladet

Here’s an example of the reaction to the ‘Emerging Stronger on the Other Side’ session on Twitter.