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Thought leadership events to help think the unthinkable

by Carley Bowman

An important focus of our Thinking the Unthinkable work is outlining the impact of disruption on leaders and that they are not alone with their anxieties.

Then we reassure them how they can thrive on change.

The optimum setting is often a small gathering of senior figures who have the reassurance of being with their peers in a conversational setting.

This can be over breakfast, lunch or dinner in a boardroom. Or, even better, it can be in a more dressed down, relaxed environment away from any office.

The spirit is one of thought leadership.

The aim is firstly to share our findings on the cutting edge of unthinkable issues related to the new normal and existential threats.

Then it is to move on to create that reassurance for the leaders by way of positive ways forward.

The preferred minimum time commitment is one hour. The optimum is at least 90 minutes, and preferably up to 2 or 2.5 hours.

Then there can be a spontaneous drilling down into the unthinkable issues. This leads naturally to frank exchanges on the need and search for solutions. It also allows time to inspire new thinking and insights by way of the details in our case studies.

Here is a sample video of a presentation for such an event. It is a breakfast meeting with top executives convened by the CEO’s office at the Royal Bank of Canada HQ in Toronto.

Find out more about how we can help here.

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