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Leaders Must Disrupt Themselves and Reimagine Their Skills to Handle New Unthinkables

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4 January 2024

In this passionate and groundbreaking conversation, Andrew Liveris, former CEO at Dow Chemical, challenges every assumption leaders make about their skills.

The scale of disruption means 21st-century leadership requires a radical shift. Andrew explains why leaders must ditch outdated rule books and toolboxes.

New realities require inspired reskilling to handle the fast-evolving landscape where digital, environmental, social, and geopolitical forces are colliding.

Overall, leaders must now put nature and the future of the planet on their company’s balance sheet. The Social License to Operate (SLO) needs to be redefined. There must be a new inclusive capitalism.

In this 18-minute podcast watch Andrew Liveris unveil the blueprint for new leadership to ensure the status quo is remoulded for the new disruption.