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'Rolling the Dice' and 'Backsliding': The New Realities as Climate Science Worsens

What risks and opportunities must leaders recognise as the sustainability threat to our world deepens? Nick Stern paints a vivid picture of potential uninhabitable regions and civilisation-threatening scenarios if we fail to act with great urgency now!

In this captivating podcast journey Lord Stern unravels to Nik Gowing the worsening realities of the climate and sustainability emergencies.

His warnings are chilling. They illustrate vividly the consequences of inaction. They range from regions becoming uninhabitable to the shredding of the fabric of civilisation that we take for granted.

Together they reinforce the imperative of achieving net-zero emissions and preventing the alarming risk of a 3-degree temperature increase.

In contrast Stern points to huge positives and opportunities like the transformative shift to cleaner technologies. He highlights the potential for a 2-3% boost in global GDP through the adoption of renewables and electric vehicles.

Throughout this unmissable podcast is Lord Stern’s passionate call for urgent policy changes, plus the need for strong leadership to ensure we navigate this critical juncture for the benefit of us all.

Time is running out.