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Leaders Must ‘Break Glass’ to Do What Is Needed

Why won’t most leaders make the changes so desperately needed? In this devastating critique, ex-Bank of England risk advisor Michael Sheren takes off the gloves. Huge numbers of executives simply can’t confront the scale of the transition needed.

We are hurtling ever faster towards tipping points. But far too many in business and finance aren’t prepared to believe this. We’ve wasted a lot of time. So we need to start immediately. That means executives at every level must “break the glass” into a new world of rapid transition. “Old dogs must learn new tricks”.

Listen to Michael Sheren challenge orthodoxy in ways most would never dare to. He is an investment banker who until 2022 worked as a senior advisor on credit risk, climate risk, and securing financial stability at the Bank of England. He chairs the Banking and Environment Initiative at the Cambridge University Institute for Sustainability leadership.