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Greening our Gatherings: The Urgent Need to Revolutionise Sustainability in the Events Industry

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20 February 2024

How radical must we all become to be more sustainable? Each of us needs to re-examine everything we do in order to realise the huge changes we must make.

Here we share the insights of a remarkable, fast growing company that shows us all how sustainable conferences and events can be. Then how company leaders must, and can, lead the way for change.

Huge numbers of us attend events and conferences. But do we realise how unsustainable they are, and how dramatically they must change?

In this inspiring conversation Abena Fairweather and Iga Prokopowicz highlight what they do to persuade business how to make that big change, and why they must do it.

Their fast growing company Legacy Events encourages reconsideration of everything from combatting food, drink, plastic and paper waste, to travel plans, to lights and TV’s left on in bedrooms, and even why ceramic cups must replace paper cups.

In this conversation led by TTU’s Nik Gowing they explain how their radical but obvious approach influences hotel managers, event organisers, suppliers, venues and all staff to adopt far more sustainable practices.