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Leading with Purpose: 'If there's no planet, there's no profit.'

Shevaun Haviland, is Director General of the British Chambers of Commerce. She represents 67,000 companies globally, employing six million people. She is determined to convince all leaders of the business positives from embracing Net Zero. These create new opportunities for innovation and growth. Leaders should be encouraged and emboldened by what she says. There is no alternative.

In this conversation, Shevaun says things are tough for most leaders. But there is a pressing need for proactive leadership after disruptions like COVID, Ukraine, Brexit and - above all - in the midst of the deepening climate emergency.

In particular, every leader has a responsibility to confront head-on the worsening environmental realities. She warns: 'If there's no planet, there's no profit.'

That’s why SME’s must be inventive to survive, even if they face cash and skill shortages. There is no time to lose.

But Shevaun is inspiring. Despite many obstacles there are positives. She commends the resilience and creativity shown by leaders who have launched new products and invested in re-skilling. 

She repeats the urging of Paul Polman - the former Unilever CEO - in our previous TTU podcast. The crucial challenge is to create courageous leadership. No other option will achieve the innovative new approaches needed.