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New Courage From Leaders Needed Urgently

Paul Polman is the Former CEO of Unilever. He is now on a relentless, single minded mission to ensure leaders tackle the climate, biodiversity and nature emergencies with the urgency, scale and innovation needed.

Most current leaders are missing the mark. But at last there are positive signs. A new generation of courageous leaders is being created. You will hear Paul detail how.

Most leaders still don’t realise the planet can’t handle expectations of infinite growth at any cost. So their businesses continue to prioritise short-term gains over long-term respect for nature and sustainability.

Faced with the new, ominous realities most leaders are paralysed by short sightedness. So they must behave differently. They need a new "moral compass" and radical change.

There is good news. At last the curve is bending. “We are seeing movement”. Paul explains how a new generation of leaders is emerging. They think and act differently, focused on creating a Net Positive impact. Many business schools and universities are revamping their curriculums.

So are Net Zero and decarbonisation here to stay? “200 per cent” Paul tells this podcast. There is no room for complacency. But they are now woven into markets and investor decisions.

But problems continue to be created faster than solutions.  And scientists warn that time is getting ever shorter. Hence the urgent need for courageous leadership and a complete system shift.

This podcast inspires new leaders to be part of Paul’s Net Positive solution. He argues that this is the greatest moment to be a leader. New opportunities will create a more equitable and sustainable world, and with it new corporate success.