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We work with you to turn radical disruption and uncertainty to your advantage.

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We help leaders thrive on change during great uncertainty and environmental emergency. We draw on deep insights from eight years interviewing leaders. We share the lessons in speaking events, publications and directly with our clients.

  • We are catalysts for change
  • Our work is bespoke - we don’t do ‘templates’
  • We are independent and non-partisan

Leadership in crises: How we can help

  • We support leaders to transform their leadership, so their organisation can survive and thrive in radical uncertainty.
  • We provide independent, tailored analysis of ongoing threats and opportunities.
  • We help leaders and their staff to adapt and innovate.
  • We offer a bespoke service for leaders facing the existential challenges of the climate emergency.
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Big company shift underway to sustainability

Big company shift underway to sustainability

Huge change in thinking and leadership is needed for our planet to get anywhere close to achieving Net Zero as rapidly as required. Are leaders getting the message and taking action at last? Yes. Here Paul Polman describes how at last the mountain of scepticism, caution and resistance is shifting noticeably in the direction needed.

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Chernobyl: Walking in Attenborough’s footsteps

Chernobyl: Walking in Attenborough’s footsteps

The rapidly encroaching Climate Emergency threatens our survival on this planet. Together we face “nothing less than the collapse of the living world”.

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The decisive decade for humanity's future

The decisive decade for humanity's future

Johan Rockström has been speaking with Nik Gowing in Nature’s Newsroom at COP-26 in Glasgow on 6th November, the halfway point of COP-26. He says that “the direction of travel is not debated anymore” at COP 26. “It’s rather the pace of change” that is the question being discussed. He hopes that urgent message from science are at the forefront of leaders’ thinking at COP as a “constructive stress factor”.

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