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We work with you to turn radical disruption and uncertainty to your advantage.

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We do original research interviewing leaders. We share this in speaking events, publications and with our clients. We help build a new type of leadership that thrives on change.

  • We are catalysts for change
  • Our work is bespoke - we don’t do ‘templates’
  • We are independent and non-partisan

Leadership in crises: How we can help

  • We support leaders to transform their leadership, so their organisation can survive and thrive in radical uncertainty.
  • We provide independent, tailored analysis of ongoing threats and opportunities.
  • We help leaders and their staff to adapt and innovate.
  • We offer a bespoke service for leaders facing the existential challenges of the climate emergency.
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Purpose: the new way to create profit

Purpose: the new way to create profit

This ground breaking research must revolutionise leadership. It is already doing so after four years study by the Future of the Corporation project for the British Academy. The outcome “exceeded anything we expected”. That is why we at TTU are publishing it. The work involved “hundreds of academics, leading thinkers, business leaders, entrepreneurs, investors, lawyers, policymakers, regulators, and people from every walk of life around the world”.

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Sustaina-babble: don’t be fooled by ‘green’ investment

Sustaina-babble: don’t be fooled by ‘green’ investment

Tariq Fancy said he was disillusioned by what he saw as the non-impact of sustainable investing. This is despite the bold claims made for new ‘green’ products by this fast growing sector. Too much capital is going towards companies that are doing things that are not in the public interest and too much sustaina-babble is coming out of Wall Street.

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Last  chance? Be warned and inspired to take risks

Last chance? Be warned and inspired to take risks

All that we take for granted faces existential threat. Most people still struggle to accept that we must all live very differently and do so rapidly in order to ensure our very survival on this planet. But there are flag bearers for new sustainable thinking and living. Here we headline the inspiring lessons from some.

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