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We work with you to turn radical disruption and uncertainty to your advantage.

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We help leaders thrive on change during great uncertainty and environmental emergency. We draw on deep insights from eight years interviewing leaders. We share the lessons in speaking events, publications and directly with our clients.

  • We are catalysts for change
  • Our work is bespoke - we don’t do ‘templates’
  • We are independent and non-partisan

Leadership in crises: How we can help

  • We support leaders to transform their leadership, so their organisation can survive and thrive in radical uncertainty.
  • We provide independent, tailored analysis of ongoing threats and opportunities.
  • We help leaders and their staff to adapt and innovate.
  • We offer a bespoke service for leaders facing the existential challenges of the climate emergency.
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Web search upended

Web search upended

The AI chatbot ‘wars’ have begun. The ways we use the internet will be transformed in ways that are currently hard to predict. ChatGPT has captured all the attention since its unexpected public release by Open AI late last year. It is a harbinger of the coming AI revolution. Even ChatGPT’s developers were surprised by the timing. They were given just 13 days’ notice to prepare the chatbot for release by their bosses, according to the New York Times.

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From polycrisis to polyopportunity?

From polycrisis to polyopportunity?

Watching and reading the news these days can be a numbing experience. How do we make sense of a world of multiple crises? And what can we do about it? “If you are feeling confused and overwhelmed you aren’t on your own.” That is the reassuring advice from Christopher Hobson. He is one of the leading figures in arguing that we will advance our understanding of what’s going wrong in the world when we realise we are in a ‘polycrisis’.

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A Reason To Be Cheerful – At Last

A Reason To Be Cheerful – At Last

Leaders! Please take note! I witnessed an extraordinary celebration in the unofficial margins of the World Economic Forum annual meeting in Davos. Suddenly there seemed to be remarkable new hope that determined action is picking up speed to save the planet.

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