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We do original research interviewing leaders. We share this in speaking events, publications and with our clients. We help build a new type of leadership that thrives on change.

  • We are catalysts for change
  • Our work is bespoke - we don’t do ‘templates’
  • We are independent and non-partisan

Leadership in crises: How we can help

  • We support you to transform leadership and make it fit for radical uncertainty.
  • We provide independent, tailored analysis of the ongoing threats.
  • We help you with the transformation tools to adapt and innovate.
  • We have a bespoke service for leaders facing the existential challenges of Covid-19 and the climate emergency.
  • Then your organisation can survive and thrive.
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Unleash your team's human potential on a 'loving journey'

Unleash your team's human potential on a 'loving journey'

It is time to unleash human potential to new levels so that we can address the dual looming challenges of the pandemic and the climate emergency. Mikael Trolle says the only way to do that is to totally transform the prevailing leadership model.

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Bosch: climate targets met by breaking old think

Bosch: climate targets met by breaking old think

In this interview with TTU’s Founder and Co-Director Nik Gowing talks to Torsten Kallweit, the CTO for Bosch Climate Solutions, where he details remarkable achievements. Bosch managed met new emission targets earlier than planned. The board backed a dramatic scaling up of research projects with far more enthusiasm than expected. The resulting impact on staff commitment and enthusiasm has been remarkable. They were urged to “drive by themselves” with no fears of failure.

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Shell & Exxon – new tipping point, says Greenpeace

Shell & Exxon – new tipping point, says Greenpeace

Jennifer Morgan talked to Nik Gowing 24 hours after a Dutch court ruled against Shell for violating human rights. In a remarkable ruling the judge ordered the hydrocarbon giant to cut emissions by 45% in the next nine years. Simultaneously, big investors forced Exxon to diversify its board and embrace sustainability. This was in defiance of the CEO’s appeal not to do so.

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