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We work with you to turn radical disruption and uncertainty to your advantage.

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We do original research interviewing leaders. We share this in speaking events, publications and with our clients. We help build a new type of leadership that thrives on change.

  • We are catalysts for change
  • Our work is bespoke - we don’t do ‘templates’
  • We are independent and non-partisan

Leadership in crises: How we can help

  • We support you to transform leadership and make it fit for radical uncertainty.
  • We provide independent, tailored analysis of the ongoing threats.
  • We help you with the transformation tools to adapt and innovate.
  • We have a bespoke service for leaders facing the existential challenges of Covid-19 and the climate emergency.
  • Then your organisation can survive and thrive.
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How we must stop destroying nature

How we must stop destroying nature

As we seek to overcome this terrible pandemic, we must do so in the knowledge that it is not something that we can just fix, wash our hands of, and return to normal. Why? Because it is normal that brought us where we are today. UNEP’s Inger Andersen on why we must rethink our relationship with nature.

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The Black Mambas: Leading a legacy for future generations

The Black Mambas: Leading a legacy for future generations

The story of the all-female Black Mambas in South Africa is an example of community leadership in the country’s most famous game reserve. It shows how leaders can flourish at any level. Named after the poisonous snake, the Black Mambas take the enormous risks. They combat wildlife poaching unarmed. They have lessons for us all.

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Risk and threats: why we under or over calculate

Risk and threats: why we under or over calculate

To understand and manage risks goes well beyond identifying what they are. Psychological and social factors shape our attitudes. Peter Ho’s analysis of the human tendency to underestimate or overestimate risk.

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